How do you flirt?

I'm really shy around girls that I like and I start stuttering.


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  • First of all...relax. You gotta remember a few things:

    1. Going up to a girl with that "nervous voice" is like having stage fright. Never let em see you sweat. Approach her with confidence. Confidence seperates you from the norm. It's all in how you walk, talk and carry yourself.

    2. Compliment her. Nuttin corny or cheesy. Be perceptive on what she's wearing or the color of her nails, or eyes. Give her a simple compliment like "your green eyes are hypnotic" or somethin. You ain't gotta be over the top but you gotta mean what you say.

    3. Learn how to carry a conversation. Don't let there be more than a few minutes of dead silence. Girls love to talk (its what they do, theyre good at it). Ask a few questions (not like an interview) but sh*t you really wanna know. Let her do the talking and then that makes you less nervous.

    Bottom line, be cool, be confident and do you. Don't try to be somebody else and don't be nervous (she put her underwear on one leg at a time just like you)


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  • i always like it if a guy jokes around with me.. makes me laugh. look at her, hold her gaze, even if it mmakes you feel nervous. comppliment her, just every now and again.. no girl will react badly to a compliment... and try and relax..or it will mke her nervous


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  • Throw a couple of jokes, and just poke some (harmless) fun at them.