Do Girls Lust Like Guys Do???

OK so guys we all know that when we see that hot girl and fantasize her, we picture her breasts, ass, lips, legs or even just completely naked and just lust after her. buy my question is for you girls. what really turns you on? physically only what gets you horny from a guys body please be specific. thanks

also for a quick update, what is your opinion on guys with short hair, aka buzz cuts?


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  • haha nice question lol. and us girls, well like a lot of things! your abs, biceps, glutes, facial features- for me, I like guys with beautiful eyes preferably blue. with longish hair either blond, light brown, or dark brown hair. they need to have toned abs. with decent biceps, calve muscles, and deecent glutes lol. oh, and most girls like guys who have big d's. hope this helped! lol :)

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      Thanx and I know this might sound dumb but what does a good ass look like for a guy?