Girls, For those with tight curly hair, how do you cope with it?

I have tight curly hair but it is also frizzy. It comes down to my lower back which I'm really pleased about as I've always had short hair as a kid. But it's such a nightmare to deal with. I rarely have it down because its thick and frizzy and always gets in my face. Does anyone have any advice on how to control the frizz?


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  • I have curly hair that frizzes terribly.

    Here's my routine for manageable and pretty curls :)

    I used Suave professionals black raspberry + white tea or the almond +shea butter for a while, and they are great at conditioning, plus they leave your hair smelling soooo nice. :) And the smell lasts and it's lovely when the wind blows through your hair and you get this yummy smell.

    What I use now is even better! Suave sleek is <3 amazing and the best conditioner for my hair. It leaves it shiny and soft. I use this liberally and comb through my hair. I only comb through my hair in the shower. Also, I don't use shampoo but maybe once a month. But I do wash my hair two times a week and massage my scalp to get rid of cells and also encourage growth.

    I also put in coconut oil (sometimes during the conditioning phase). Always, I put this in then put my hair in two loose braids. I braid it tighter around my skull to reduce poof here.

    I also, take several hair ties and go Princess Jasmine on my hair haha. This works great for reducing frizz.

    Also, sometimes I wrap my hair up in a shirt (silky/satiny wrap is best though)

    And this is how I get my curls shiny and bouncy.

    Also, I really recommend these videos and this youtuber. She has great curly hairstyles and also her hair is long like yours.

    Best, from a curly sister :)


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  • Straightening by dividing the hair into segments and taking your time to straighten all parts and use anti-frizz products. :)

  • I've been trying out eco styler gel for a few weeks now and it helps with my frizz.

  • I use moose and don't air dry it!!