Is it normal for a girl to have hair in her stomach or belly??

Is it normal for a girl to have hair in her stomach or belly?? just curious...

hi! its not me XD, its my bff that has been asking me that and I don't know what 2 tell her!

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  • on not in

    • I think it's like a guy cums on a girl not in, lmao idk, maybe I'm thinking too hard. Oh well. I stick to my answer.

    • Seriously I'm like you 2, I don't understand what he said

    • What??

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  • Well, did it occur naturally or did she use some kind of technology to bring about this unusual hair growth? Because in the former case, obviously it would be natural.

    • Yeah I know!!!!!!!!

    • Yea just saying, but shaving makes hair grow more.

    • But getting rid of unwanted hair is easy. Sometimes I shave a streak off my chest when I'm shaving my face, just for fun, and then I have to take it all off because it looks ridiculous if I don't.

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  • yes it's normal... but should probably be shaved ;)and yes it tends to appear more on darker skinned darker haired individuals

    • Ok!!!!!!^^

    • Waxing is better!On the stomache it doesn't realy hurt that much. It's a little more painful than on the legs, but it's easy to endure and lasts way longer ;) And it's smoother :>

    • Heheheheh xD!!!!!

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  • lmao don't you just looove when people say "well, my friend has this problem... its not me! I swear, its my friend!) bahahaa

    • Oh ok. well, waxing will do the trick

    • Yeah in that I have 2 agree... but the problem is that she is light skin and light hair and she has dark hair in her stomach and its natural!!! =|

    • Well just tell your friend that it is normal. we have hair all over our body, but the darker skinned you are, and the darker your hair is, shows more. I'm fair skinned and blonde hair, so I personaly have no problem with this, but I'm sure waxing would be much better then shaving, because shaving you may get like a rash and when it grows back it will be all prickly. Waxing is a better option.

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  • I have a little hair there but not a lot, it's so sparse and I think it's normal. we are mammals and we kerotinocytes all over our body so due to genetic reasons, some will be more hairy than others or not at all.

    • Thanks 4 ur opinion!!!^^

  • Everyone has it but if your friend has darker hair then it will show more, blonde hair doesn't or shouldn't show at all.

    • Yeah I know!!!!!!=)

    • Well it's totally normal then and it's easy to get rid of if she wants to.

    • Yeah my friend has darker hair....

  • Yep, it is normal.

  • Yeahh quite a lot of people get that - some more than others. I guess if you don't like it the best you can do is shave or wax. Or get laser treatment if you can afford it :P

    • Nah don't worry!!!!! its ok....but thanks 4 the advice....

    • I know I just read the add on thingy xD sorry, it's just for anyone out there reading it really (:

    • Thanks 4 the advice I will tell her that!! and also I'm not the 1 with the prob....=)

  • yes, it's completely normal, and shaving would only make it worse, and nasty. if she wants it off, wax it or even lazer. never shave it. it would only grow thicker, darker, and like stubble. and no, I've never done that, but I mean, it's hair. that's what happens on your legs. eff I hate hair

    • Ill tell her that!!!!^^

  • yes, completely normal.

  • Just tell her what I said. It is normal. If she has the same coloring as you, then pretty much everyone who looks like her has it too.

    • Thanks!!!!^^

  • I'm guessing that your hair grows in a kind of line between your belly button and your pubic hair. Yes, this is normal. Many lighter skinned, lighter-haired people don't have much, but most people have some. All of my friends who have your type of coloring do. It is normal. The only guys who will care are ones who haven't seen many naked women!

    • Its not my prob.... =) but thanks 4 ur opinion!!!!!^^

  • Not really, unless you're taking about those extremely tiny practically invisible hairs that cover pretty much all of pretty much everyone's bodies.

    • Im talking about tiny hair that really is very noticeable.....=)