Is it normal for a girl to have hair in her stomach or belly??

just curious...

hi! its not me XD, its my bff that has been asking me that and I don't know what 2 tell her!


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  • on not in

    • Your current profile picture fits that answer so perfectly there are hardly words to describe it.

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    • Seriously I'm like you 2, I don't understand what he said

    • I think it's like a guy cums on a girl not in, lmao idk, maybe I'm thinking too hard. Oh well. I stick to my answer.

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  • yes it's normal... but should probably be shaved ;)

    and yes it tends to appear more on darker skinned darker haired individuals

    • Omg that is not happening 2 me xD!!!! its my bff that has this prob and I don't know how 2 help her seriously...=D

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    • Waxing is better!

      On the stomache it doesn't realy hurt that much. It's a little more painful than on the legs, but it's easy to endure and lasts way longer ;) And it's smoother :>

    • Ok!!!!!!^^

  • Well, did it occur naturally or did she use some kind of technology to bring about this unusual hair growth? Because in the former case, obviously it would be natural.

    • It occured naturally... and she finds herself unnattractive bcause of this!!!!!!

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    • Yea just saying, but shaving makes hair grow more.

    • Yeah I know!!!!!!!!

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  • I have a little hair there but not a lot, it's so sparse and I think it's normal. we are mammals and we kerotinocytes all over our body so due to genetic reasons, some will be more hairy than others or not at all.

    • Thanks 4 ur opinion!!!^^

  • Not really, unless you're taking about those extremely tiny practically invisible hairs that cover pretty much all of pretty much everyone's bodies.

    • Im talking about tiny hair that really is very noticeable.....=)

  • lmao don't you just looove when people say "well, my friend has this problem... its not me! I swear, its my friend!) bahahaa

    • Idc if you don't believe!!!!!!! and bsides I just wanted advice or opinions not joking and laughing about something that people feel bad and humiliated.... -__-

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    • Yeah in that I have 2 agree... but the problem is that she is light skin and light hair and she has dark hair in her stomach and its natural!!! =|

    • Oh ok. well, waxing will do the trick

  • Everyone has it but if your friend has darker hair then it will show more, blonde hair doesn't or shouldn't show at all.

    • Yeah my friend has darker hair....

    • Well it's totally normal then and it's easy to get rid of if she wants to.

    • Yeah I know!!!!!!=)

  • Yeahh quite a lot of people get that - some more than others. I guess if you don't like it the best you can do is shave or wax. Or get laser treatment if you can afford it :P

    • Thanks 4 the advice I will tell her that!! and also I'm not the 1 with the prob....=)

    • I know I just read the add on thingy xD sorry, it's just for anyone out there reading it really (:

    • Nah don't worry!!!!! its ok....but thanks 4 the advice....

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