Unwanting but wanting?

there's this guy in my class that just started talking to me. so after the bell rang he asked if he could have my number. I gave it to him because he's really respectful. he's kinda cute but not really he's okay looking I guess..he is very sociable and he likes to talk to everyone and anyone . and I kinda like that he's outgoing. so he texts and calls me since then its been 6 days now and he says he likes me. I like him but there's three reasons why I don't wanna date him. 1)his appearance 2)i feel that its kinda sudden and I don't know if he's desperate 3) I just don't wanna have a boyfriend right now. I'm so confused I don't know if I should say yes id date you or no I'm sorry. please help.


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  • I would just sit back and play it cool. see what unfolds.

  • it seems to me like there's more signs pointing to no, you shouldn't date him right now. as far as looks go, if you're not attracted to him then that's just how you feel. if you don't want a boyfriend right now, don't go out with him just to make him happy because the relationship won't work one sided


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