Nourishing cocount milk anti-breakage serum by organicx VS Advanced Jasmine Coconut hair oil by parachute?

I used to have long pretty shiny healthy hair it was down to my waist then my mom made me cut it when I was 8 to my shoulders and it never grew back and then my mom put a few highlights in my hair when I was 11 and I've been dying my hair since and I'm 16 now I've dyed it a lot i dont dont dye it that much anymore every 6 months maybe not even that much. And I have straight light brown with short choppy layers that is right by my collar bone. I used to flat iron it everyday for 4 months freshman year then I realized it was damaging my hair so I stopped now I hardly use heat only on special occasions I even air dry my hair. And I do diy hair mask and sometimes the hair mask my mom buys. And I Usally leave my hair down and put my hair in a braid or bun when im. sleeping.


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  • the advanced jasmine coconut hair oil by parachute is a good one.. just give your hair a break


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  • Use UNscented shampoo and eat GOOD FOOD and raw vegetables. Look in GNC for proper vitamins for hair growth.


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  • I'd buy the advanced jasmine coconut hair oil.