Driving a guy crazy?

If you liked a girl at one point, how long would it take to stop liking her? What could the girl do to make you go crazy for her?


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  • I have just dealt with this problem recently, and I have found out the answer! you must be around him for awhile then, for no reason leave, just kind of avoid him. Show that you have a life, don't always pick up the phone when he calls and take awhile to call him back. Then, just when he's about to lose interest, (let's say 2 weeks) then be around again. It'll drive him crazy, because you know that "time makes the heart grow fonder". Then, compliment him all the time, build his ego up. Suggest things you want to do around him, such things like "I want to go see this movie, but I don't want to go by myself" hint around that you want to do stuff and if he likes you he might go with you. Do unexpected things, like dying your hair, changing up your look, style, this will excite him (not in a sexual way) and he will associate being excited with you.

    • Wow, those are awesome ideas! I was thinking about changing my look actually! ok I have a little more info though, I'm afraid to play this subtle version of hard to get because he's very emotional, not shy, but just moody I guess. do you think it will still work even if I'm giving him mixed signals? I don't want him to lose interest in me...

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    • Its always fun to play with new looks but I agree. Get some other input b4 you do it. As for playing a more subtle hard to get? Maybe not a good idea. Especially if he tends to be a tad moody and emotional. He might feel like you are playing games with him and it could backfire. If you wanna playa little cat and mouse just make sure that you guys have been hanging out for a while and he KNOWS that you like him, Otherwise, like I said, he could get confused and thing you're playing games with him.

    • Yeah, but eventually, you'll be around and when you are and when you suggest stuff, he'll jump on the oppurtunity to spend more time with you. But, emotional guys are a little harder to deal with because this bothers them quicker and more so I would say make the time shorter, and also since he's emotional try opening up to your feelings around him-it'll do more for him then it would a non-emotional guy.


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  • Men will always want you if they want you once. As to go crazy I assume you mean sex? Try talking sexy on the phone. That works for me. Tell him how much you want him and think about him. The other side of it is either he is a dominant or submissive type of personality. If you know then you are in the drivers seat... Play to it. I don't mean tie me up tie me down stuff... I mean find out if he wants you to jump on him or if he wants to jump on you. If he is a good boy he may want a bad girl or just the opposite. Play to that and some great sex should happen ;)

  • I would say at least a few months. Why would you ever want to torture somebody like this?

    • Well he likes me and I like him but he's said he just can't really handle a relationship right now because he's going through a lot of personal stuff right now. I don't want our relationship to get too platonic in the meantime, that's all. I would never intentionally hurt him though.

    • If you really like him then you need to respect him and his feelings. If he doesn't want to get in a relationship with you because of person stuff then let it go. In the mean time you two can hang out and get to know each other. Be there for him if he needs a friend. Getting close in that way will make it easier for him to see himself being with you in other ways when he's ready.

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  • Everyone is different. Sometimes it'll take a guy a month to get over someone and somtimes it'll take a year. It all depnds. And as far as making a guy go crazy for you then you need to do a couple things. Be nice, fun, outgoing, confident, and take an interest in some of the things he likes.