I am newly single and I feel UNATTRACTIVE.

Him, my boyfriend dumped me a couple of days ago. I guess it's for the best. I figure it will take me a long time until I start dating again, since I still love him and well, it will be hard finding someone better than him.

Anyway, the problem is that looks wise, I don't have much going on for me. As in, my face isn't that pretty, and while I am slim, I have small boobs and big hips. The problem with this is that in my country, big boobs rule. I'm not kidding, even implants are preferred. I guess it's because in my country implants and all that are still kind of a novelty, implants are quite recent here. But since men see porn and in porn women have huge boobs, they think that's what they're supposed to like, so they all like huge boobs.

At least guys my age (my ex boyfriend included) they all like large breasts. And while they still go out with smaller chested women, I feel like in a way they settle. It's like "Honey, I love you, even though you have small boobs, but you have to accept that I will still check out big boobs because you don't have them, and you have to be ok with it".

It's a major confidence killer for me, but I don't want surgery because it's risky and all. I know that not ALL guys can prefer bigger breasted girls, so how do I find one that genuinely prefers small breasts over big? I don't want to be some guy's second choice! I'm tired of feeling "less than...". So, how do I do it? For the record I don't wear false advertising bras (push ups, padded, water/silicone/air bras...).


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  • Why does it matter about ur boob size? you know if someone is going to love you they will love you for your personality and who you are. if the guys there are all too stuck up to realise that you are a nice girl and they can't love you for who you are they don't deserve you. would you like to date someone that just wants you for your looks? that's not a way to find everlasting love. you need to stop worrying and realise you don't need anyone but yourself and you will find someone that sees that and loves you for who you are. Men look mostly at your how you carry yourself and if you carry yourself with confidence then any man will look at you and see a potential date. Don't worry you will be fine and your looks aren't too important.


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  • A guy who would want you principally because of your cup-size would be a shallow guy.


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  • at least I can tell you that I went through the same thing as you, feeling unnatractive to guys and all but my only advice is that just find guys that are looking at you, you see if a guy is looking at you that means that he feels an attraction and he doesn't mind or care how you look like at all... just be yourself and be flirty but not in a slutty kinda of way, ok... =)