Laser Hair Removal?

Girls, do you think it's acceptable for a guy who has a lot of chest and back hair to get laser hair removal? I'm very self conscious about it. Why do people make such negative comments about body's out of my control, my genetics dictate that.

  • Leave the Hair as is.
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  • Body Hair on the back and chest is gross...get laser.
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  • omfg people... its natural. if I'm attracted to a guy, its for his face, his muscles, and his personality. NOT his body hair. I couldn't really care less what hair he has.

    smooth skin is nicer. but I would never ask someone to get laser removal, that's just way too extreme. if you do it, do it for YOU, not for other people. anyone who really loves you won't care what body hair you have. plus, some girls think its sexy. ;)


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  • i voted B, even though I don't think it's gross, but if it would make you feel more confident and sexy, I say go for it. it's just hair.

  • I don't really like hair on the chest or back, not that it's gross... but if you would feel more confident (which seems like you would judging from the questions) then you should get laser... but it's expensive... ever waxed?

    • I've tried shaving and wax. wax is painful and makes me breakout with acne. It grows back too quickly, its like my body produces too much hormones or something.

    • Ha, waxing does hurt.... then I guess laser would be your only option...

  • I say go for it if you are doing it for you. Laser hair removal is expensive but it works great. I have done my underarms and bikini area next come the legs. I don't really mind some hair but a lot is not really attractive. As for people making negative comments about body hair just think how girls feel it even worse for us. It's all got to be gone for men to find us attractive.

  • I think that its just hair and people should like you for you. I would only get the lazer hair removal if its for yourself and that it was what would make you happy in the end.


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