Have you ever done a makeover/reinvention of yourself?

like completely changed your style drastically...

and if so what were the results?

was it worth it or was it mistake?

*I feel like I have to change my appearance to be more successful in the dating world & in getting a better job/being more hirable.

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  • I didn't notice much of difference.
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  • I have never done any drastic style changes I've always looked the same just a little different.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yep. I did and it was totally worth it!

    Cut my hair - it was to my butt, I cut it to my shoulders and dyed it orange/ginger. Naturally I am a blonde...

    Yep. It's cool. I love it.

    + I just gradually grew out of the hardcore Goth phase - even though I am and always will be a Goth within. xD


    • I had my hair accidentally dyed naturally orange once... it was not a good look for me.

      I'm just frustrated because I have to look for a new job pretty soon and no girls are giving me the time of day. So it's prompting me to make a style change because the dating world just like the working world are both shallow ;)

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean.
      I just don't go out - except with my own friends so it's always a closed circle.

    • Thank you. =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah. I started working out and stopped dressing like i was in highschool. I got way more attention (from people in general, not just women) compared to before and it was neat

    • What changes did you do (beside working out and getting in better shape)?

      Random guess - Better fitted clothes and styling your hair to match you aesthetic instead what you thought looked cool?

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    • Haha, thats fine. Just providing an example of something versatile

    • In my defense - I wasn't doing it to be cool I was doing it to be anti-trend. I was rebelling against the skinny jean trend that was new & in full effect at the time.

      Now I wear pants that suit my body type while being comfortable.


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What Girls Said 8

  • not everything. my clothing style has become more sophisticated over the years.
    i guess my biggest 'makeover' was my hair colour. i was a little nervous to leave my brown hair but i went for the burgundy and I'm glad it worked out :)
    other than that i like to remain somewhat the same but edge out of my comfort zone every so often with bright colours or massive pieces of jewellery. depends on my mood =]

  • I did change a lot since I was a kid. Wore contacts, found a nice haircut, straightened my teeth with braces, (mostly) solved my acne problem, got educated about my body type, face type, complexion, developped a personal style, perfected my hygiene routines. Those days I work on perfecting my make up techniques and loosing weight. I've always been overweight, but never obese. I lost half the exta weight I had, now I try to loose the rest. A week ago I got rid of all the old, ill-fitting clothes I had in my wardrobe.

  • Until my 15, I looked really horrible. My hair was always in a bun, my clothes never matched, I was too lazy to wear makeup. Then I realised I can't look at myself in the mirror without wanting to puke so.. here I am. I changed my style, I never go out without makeup, my nails are always done and my hair looks good let down. Now.. since March, I tend to wear dark colors, especially black and I love it. I feel better about myself.

  • You'd be surprised what an upgrade in appearance will do. There's a night and day difference.

  • Yep! And I couldn't be happier! I changed my hair color from brown to blond and I really love it. Brown didn't suit me at all..

  • I did it it was worth it
    i had pimples
    i wore glasses
    and gad no eyebrows haha

    i got on a acne treatment
    i wear clear contacts most of the time
    i tattood eyebrows
    and i also cut my hair really short to donate my hair and i like how i look with short hair ) sholder lenght <3

  • No I never did so.

  • I did. I had a completely different style in High School.

    • I feel its pretty mandatory to change your style after high-school (at least it should be to a certain extent).

What Guys Said 1

  • Shaving my hair most radical thing I have done

    • Right on.

      The skullet is stupid unless you're doing it as a joke otherwise some men are halfway there to being completely bald why not go all the way?

      ... or at least buy a clipper and and use the lowest guard or no guard.