Anyone know of any good chest binders? Or ways to bind your chest at home?

I'm looking for some Good chest binders or ways to bind your chest at home. I'm very busty (32DDD) and don't enjoy the look of large breasts so I wanted a way to flatten them out so I can still wear cute things. So if you know of any thing please let me know.


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  • I had a look on google - Few good options have a look and pick one that suits you best


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  • have you thought about minimizers instead? Binders are designed to make you look like you have no breasts while minimizers will help you look like you just have smaller breasts.

    • I haven't found any minimizes I like. Others just push my breasts down in a weird way. So I just want to try something that flattens me out in a better way

    • I'd keep looking for better bras then. A binder is really going to push your girls down.

  • ebay has lots!

    • Thank you!
      Question, do you have one? If so what's your favorite kind