Would men be attracted to me?

i get men staring at me a lot and they flirt with me a lot, but I don't think I'm as attractive as other girls in my school. I can't tell if they find me attractive or if they're messing with me. I think I'm pretty, but not enough that men would want me. people tell me I'm really pretty, but come on, who would say I'm ugly and hurt my feelings?anyway I have long, full, dark brown hair(almost looks black), green-brown eyes, super pale skin, 5'6", 34C, not huge but big I guess round butt, small waist and I'm a size 8-10.


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  • Yes, everybody in their own way is attractive unless of course you have warts growing on your face, the size of a car and no personality.

    • Lol no the only problem with my face is that its too pale

    • Pale can be very pretty - much better than orange nasty snake wrinkled skin :)


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  • you said yourself you think you're pretty. "pretty enough" is subjective and people have different tastes, but you sound attractive to me even if it's just a description. they're flirting with you for a reason :]

  • "but come on, who would say I'm ugly and hurt my feelings?"

    Complete strangers on the internet. link your picture, or msg me, and I'll give you an unbiased, completely truthfull answer.

    But you won't do that, because you know your pretty, your just insecure and you want people to tell you that you are and all that nicey bullsh*t.


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  • Look if men stare and flirt with you - you're attractive. If you were unattractive they wouldn't bother. A seriously ugly girl might get hit on as a joke but it would be really obvious and not happen all the time. Guys are paying you this attention because they like your looks. And if people tell you pretty its because they think your pretty! Love it embrace it, your pretty okay?

    34c, round butt and a small waist? hello men would be attracted to you!