Suggest a men's long hair style for me?

I don't care if you don't like long hair on men; I'm not going to cut it.

I need some ideas of what to do with my hair. My hair is 3 inches away from the image below:
Suggest a men's long hair style for me?
I like the appearance of Jason Momoa's hair (I have the same curl pattern as him), however, I don't exactly know if I like the messiness of it. I don't want manicured hair, but I also don't want a rats nest sitting on top of my head. Do any of you have any ideas of what I should do, or is Jason's hairstyle just fine? I don't really like how his fringe is layered (in case I want to put my hair up.. stragglers everywhere), but I also don't care for the one length look like this guy, either.

My facial features are similar to this guy, but more robust and less boyish in the eyes (I also have dark hair and green eyes):

Any suggestions?

I was also thinking something like Mike Starr, thoughts?


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  • Long layers? That way when you put your hair back it all goes back. I don't see what else you could do with it besides layers or bangs/fringe.
    I think Jason's hair is fine though, although I do agree that the fringe is a no go.

    • Cheers, love. I know jack all about hair and fashion; it took effort to learn what a fringe was.

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    • Yeah, I remember back in my teenage years I used to have hair like Oliver Sykes. It was definitely an awkward phase of life.

    • Thanks for MHO, and good luck with your hair.

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  • ok first i love long hair on guys , really
    it all depends on your hair , if it's weavy, curly or straight but i would say like eddi vedder for example when he was young ( but if your hair is longer well don't)
    so i guess you could leave it messy and natural with different layers or somehting

  • I really like hair about that length on guys. I'm not very good at giving hair advice though, as I can barely manage to make my own look decent, but maybe you could try longer layers? It would be in between one length and the shorter layers.

  • I like the 3rd dude better

  • Maybe try a man bun? Or look up ChildDolphin. Maybe try a longer version of his hair.

    • And don't listen to the people who think guys shouldn't have long hair. You do you.

    • Oh it's no sweat; I wish they'd understand that their opinion doesn't matter here since I didn't ask if I should cut it or not.

  • the last one!

    • "I'm not going to cut it."

      It's like people can't read.

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