How can I dress to impress the ladies?

Someone recently told me I could be a 8.5 if I dressed better.

I currently wear decently fitting polo shirts and khaki shorts.


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  • First...8.5... that's oddly specific.

    Step up your A-game by putting on some big boy trousers, a belt, a long sleeve button down, and a shoe that doesn't have a giant Nike logo running down the side. I don't know you, but it sounds like maybe your friend might be hinting that you're look reads a little immature. You might balk at the fact that people feel you should dress a certain way, but we all know that guy or that girl that walks into a room who is stunning... its confidence, its having pride in your appearance, and what a lot of men and women seem to lack, is good tailoring. Anyone can look sloppy when they wear baggy or ill fitting clothing. You don't have to do your whole wardrobe, but pick your go to outfits, and make sure they are on point.

    • What color should my "trousers" be?

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    • I was literally only trying to help you and nothing more. People think just because its the internet its okay to say and do whatever they want, but I'm still a person behind these words and again, you will not call me that or treat me like that when I have done nothing to you. My parents didn't raise me to be rude or disrespectful even if you're not standing right in front of me. If you read way more into what I said, then I can't help you. Some people are just trying to be nice and or helpful and you should let them be just that if you want help on future questions! Good day!

    • Okay I guess I read it wrong. I inferred a condescending tone that probably wasn't there.


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  • I think button down dress shirts and trouser are nice.

  • You're 34 years of age and you need to ask how to dress to impress? 😳

  • watch some youtube videos and pictures they can help you for sure.