Do girls, especially young girls, have something against just "normal" guys?

I'm just a normal guy really... I don't have teen issues, like drugs/substance abuse, broken family troubles... etc. I come from a more like upscale neighborhood... I don't fit into those stereotypes like jock, prep, emo, druggie, party-type... or whatever.

I'm really just a normal guy, very family oriented. A deep thinker, quiet, yet good social skills. fun personality, but at school I'm focused and may come off as a serious person. idk.

I just wanna be successful. I have a classier style. I don't try to impress anyone. I had a lot of friends in high school, but never tried to be the coolest guy in school... I didn't try to be popular.

I'm just out to be me... not try to be someone I'm not to impress anyone... it seems like the stereotypes attract a lot of female attention. at least right now, just outta high school... in college. Like guys that try to be "hip" something I don't...

DO girls have something against guys like this? or do they see them more as long term material and are just out to have fun at this day and age?



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  • Usually in college it is easier to catch a girl, but most females are looking for a relationship that might not be serious. You sound like you want a lasting relationship, and you're just going to have to wait until you find the right person. In college you learn that you just have to get some balls and ask a girl out, whether it's to a concert, coffee shop, or whatever. Don't be too shy. You'll find someone eventually. Some girls may not be ready for someone who seems like they want to settle down at such a young age. But as far as my knowledge goes girls "at that age" don't have anything against intelligent men :D

    • It's not that I even want to "settle down" already... when I pursue a girl, I purely look for companionship, a best friend, someone I can love and be affectionate with. I'm not a guy to ask or beg for sexual favors tho. I'm all about loving a girl pure and right! I can offer security, emotional and physical. However, I think when I pursue girls especially at this "high school/early college" level, our maturity levels clash and prevent anything from happening... I'm quite mature for my age.


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  • Heyy! I love guys like you because they are different! And I want to be in a long term relationship and not just play with some random guy.. So don't change cause you'll find the girl for you.

  • remember it depends on the girl, but to me I don't have a problem or something against normal guys... and of course I see them as potentially long term material boyfriends =)

  • I don't have any thing against guys like that. The guy I currently have a huge crush on is just a normal guy. Pretty much exactly like you described. I prefer guys like that. I like guys that are quiet and aren't crazy or really obsessed about something.


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  • Clarify 'normal'. There are lots of different types of 'normal', which begs the question.What is normal?

    • Well I mean... like I don't try to fit in. I don't try to be prep, emo, gangsta, skater, etc. I don't conform to those stereotypes. Looking around, there's TONS of people that try to put on those certain appearances. I just ya know, try to look presentable, dress a bit nicer, smell good, I'm not obnoxious and all about "having fun" all the time... there's a time and a place for everything.

      Like I'm just a normal guy... I don't pursue like this over-the-top look or image.

    • Well that seem to be me and the majority of the people I know. I think to attactrate someone who don't need to be a 'type' of person you just need to be .....(I put clichely) yourself. I mean just play to your strengths for example I make people laugh easily and am a bit random which some girls like. What are your strengths in that regard: funny, witty, smooth talker, tricks (I have a few), intelligent etc