Girls, what's my face shape and should I get bangs?

Girls, what's my face shape and should I get bangs?
So I've had people tell me I have a heart shape face, and others who say it's oval. I'm confused. Is it harder to tell cause I'm squinty? Lol

Also I pulled back my hair to show the forehead, but I have a pixie cut that needs a trim, do you think I can do bangs? Or is it better now?


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  • I say that you have a heart shaped face because if you would draw a heart on your chin and cheeks, it would make a heart shape. Your chin is tiny and pronounced and your cheeks are full.

    Where you thinking full, blunt bangs or side bangs like your second picture?

    I personally like picture 1 where your bangs are pulled back. Very pretty :)
    Here's a link to heart shaped haircuts: If you want full, blunt bangs, the first picture on the link looks nice. I think you can pull it off.

    • Thanks! Well I've always had crazy cheekbones so I suppose you're right.

      I've had side bangs for a while and, well as an artist it's annoying to have to braid it all the time, I was thinking of something like this:

      Thanks haha, my stylist fucked up pretty bad for my current hair style (thank god it's grown out) so it's actually pretty hard to pull back properly, but yeah that link is awesome.

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    • *heart shape!

    • You're welcome!! And thanks for the MH! :)


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  • No face shape is ever exactly by the book, just because everyone is so unique. Though I can see why people say both heart and oval. Your overall shape is a heart shaped face, the narrowing of your jaw makes it appear that way. The only missing thing would be the widow's peak. However, your face isn't round, it's more elongated That's why it can appear oval. It seems (at least to me) your shape is like an elongated heart. Your forehead slightly narrows past your cheek bones, making your cheek bones the most prominent part of your face. I think you would look awesome with any sort of bangs, since your jawline is heart shaped looking. And covering the taper at your forehead makes you appear even more heart shaped. I personally think you would look great with blunt bangs, that would give off a really good image of heart shape. By the way you have very beautiful skin, its friggin flaweless, and you have a lovely face, so you pull of anything you feel like lol.

    • Haha thanks, the skin I suppose is Asian (or concealer)
      I've heard inverted triangle and diamond shape as well. So yeah confusion always lol

    • Yeah most people don't fall under the strict line of a definite shape. People are far more unique than that.

  • you have a heat shaped face side bangs look nice on you

  • Personally I think you look great without bangs, but if you wanted to keep your bangs, you can still rock them. You have a great looking forehead so I think whatever you do will be fine, but I'd say no bangs

  • Your shape is an upside down egg and don't get bangs. It will make your chin look sharper