Girls, what do you think about anime?

Just wondering, what do you think about anime? There are a few series I think most girls could get into, like The Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya or even case closed. So please vote and leave a feedback on whether you like it or not, and why?

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and for anyone who wants to watch some of their favorite animes english version, go to Can't promise you it has the one you are looking for, but more than likely does
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  • Loved it since I was 6! Dragonball Z was the first one I discovered, Tenchi Muyo! (which I still love), Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz (I love that movie), Cardcaptors (which I still watch for the nostalgia!), Chobits (love it), Fruits Basket (love it), Ghost in the Shell (which I would recommend to anyone, anime fan or not, because it has such an intelligent storyline as well as amazing animation), and there are a few I haven't seen that I'd like to, such as Haruhi Suzumiya and Ouran High School Host Club. I think they can be cute and childish or intelligent and mature, sometimes all in one - that's the beauty of a lot of Japanese culture. they like to mix and match a lot more than we do, I think. Even if they don't, I love them on a much simpler level too, for cute drawings, sweet characters and funny dialogues!

    Plus I've been drawing since I was 2 and as soon as I was 6 and discovered anime that became my dominant style... I never did learn to draw 'properly' haha

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      Haha nice, since you are from the UK I'm guessing, correct me if I am wrong, it is dubbed by ocean. while in america its done by FUNimation. When it came to DBZ I thought some of the Ocean was okay, but only in the early sagas. but later as they got older I thought funimation fit the bit more, but that is a different argument hah

      I don't know if me being a guy makes it any bit different, but haruhi suzumiya is amazing, immature and perverted at times, but serious other times. It is a really good

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      No I think it was FUNimation... but I haven't seen it for years, I might be wrong. Maybe your opinion is different because you're a guy but it still sounds pretty good =]

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      Or maybe my opinion is different because I'm a different person haha or me being a guy who knows hahah, there are shows that are known mainly for girls, that I enjoy. =]