Girls, what do you think about anime?

Just wondering, what do you think about anime? There are a few series I think most girls could get into, like The Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya or even case closed. So please vote and leave a feedback on whether you like it or not, and why?

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  • What is anime
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and for anyone who wants to watch some of their favorite animes english version, go to Can't promise you it has the one you are looking for, but more than likely does
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  • Loved it since I was 6! Dragonball Z was the first one I discovered, Tenchi Muyo! (which I still love), Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz (I love that movie), Cardcaptors (which I still watch for the nostalgia!), Chobits (love it), Fruits Basket (love it), Ghost in the Shell (which I would recommend to anyone, anime fan or not, because it has such an intelligent storyline as well as amazing animation), and there are a few I haven't seen that I'd like to, such as Haruhi Suzumiya and Ouran High School Host Club. I think they can be cute and childish or intelligent and mature, sometimes all in one - that's the beauty of a lot of Japanese culture. they like to mix and match a lot more than we do, I think. Even if they don't, I love them on a much simpler level too, for cute drawings, sweet characters and funny dialogues!

    Plus I've been drawing since I was 2 and as soon as I was 6 and discovered anime that became my dominant style... I never did learn to draw 'properly' haha

    • Haha nice, since you are from the UK I'm guessing, correct me if I am wrong, it is dubbed by ocean. while in america its done by FUNimation. When it came to DBZ I thought some of the Ocean was okay, but only in the early sagas. but later as they got older I thought funimation fit the bit more, but that is a different argument hah

      I don't know if me being a guy makes it any bit different, but haruhi suzumiya is amazing, immature and perverted at times, but serious other times. It is a really good

    • No I think it was FUNimation... but I haven't seen it for years, I might be wrong. Maybe your opinion is different because you're a guy but it still sounds pretty good =]

    • Or maybe my opinion is different because I'm a different person haha or me being a guy who knows hahah, there are shows that are known mainly for girls, that I enjoy. =]

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  • I enjoy watching anime, and I love reading manga. I've spent an entire summer watching Detective Conan, and I'm proud of it.

    • The japanese version? because the english version stopped after 130 episodes, 123 in japan counting

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    • Yeah, in the english version they stopped dubbing it 130 episodes aka 123 episodes in the japanese version. And from what I remember there still is no end in site. English version stopped dubbing right before we meet Haibara Ai. IN japan episode 558 was just aired yesterday for the first time.

    • Wow, you sure know your facts. I just love the series, I hated the dubbed version though. A lot of animes the dubbed version of it sucked although I did enjoy the dubbed version of Inuyasha better than subbed. I still don't know if there's an ending for that...

  • I <3 it :D

    because I have a strange obsession with all things Asian. Really, it's hard to explain preference. I just enjoy it. I find that there is more plot or at least more magic and imagination in anime than in your average cartoon. They also tackle serious issues and their isn't always a cliche happy ending (sometimes in the end all the characters die... much more realistic to every day life). And as for the art style - I just find it (for the most part) more appealing. The larger eyes allows for a broader range of emotion (plus when they use kawaii form they are more emotive when angry or sad or happy... the mouth expanding off the face, the waterfall of tears, the jaw drop to the floor... It's over the top - and as sponge bob has proven in the US - over the top sells)...

    My husband prefers slice of life anime, but I am more into animes with some mysticism, like Mushishi or Eternal Sabbath or Magic Knight Rayearth.

    • What ever makes the two of you happy, as long as you and him can keep a healthy marriage for the rest of your lives, that's all that matters, and I agree with you, I kind of have an obsession with anything that's asian.

  • hate anime

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I think, is perfect for both genders. Both you and your girl could get enjoyment out of it.

    I was a HUGE fan of Eureka Seven but I have been informed by my male posse that this is a seriously girly anime in spite of it being mecca.

    Paranoia Agent and Elfen Lied are also my top favorites. Though I don't know how some girls would feel about these as they (especially Elfen Lied) have disturbing moments.

    I like anime because I love all things Japan. Japanese stories, to me, are very beautiful and multi layered. I also really like the Japanese sense of aesthetics. It's a great mixture of mysticism, metaphysics, and the modern age. I also like it because it provides both eye candy and brain candy. Not to mention some very cute and/or humorous situations and jokes.

    However, anime is not my favorite form of Japanese entertainment and I've only seen a handful of series'. I prefer Japanese literature and folklore. Anime regularly features folklore/mythological stories, though. Or at least mystical themes from Japanese myths. Virtually all of the stories and themes in Paranoia Agent are based off of some kind of myth. Damn. I want to watch that. Right now.

    • Yeah - I've heard Elfen Lied is good but I just couldn't get into it whenever I watched the previews... seems highly violent o_O Appleseed is as close to shonen manga/anime as I get. I'm still waiting to watch FMA >_>

    • Yeah, Elfen Lied is super violent, not even going to lie. If you can get beyond that, there is a taut fantastic story to enjoy. But it definitely is NOT for everyone.

      <3 FMA. Like you wouldn't believe.

  • personally I think animes a bit immature

    • Haha and why is that?

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    • See that's fine I love the old stuff, it's classic. But I thought you were talking new stuff cause no offense to the people that like it I think it's absolutely STUPID

    • I think its with the society, not just in japan but in america as well. think about it, disney channel, cartoon network and nickelodeon aren't anything like they used to be!

  • I love it and at one point obsessed ! lol

    but with my new job, school, etc. I haven't got any time for it anymore...

    im a little mad because I was in the middle of Naruto, Bleach, OHSHC, etc.


  • I love anime! I practically grew up watching it! ^.^ I've watched so many anime series over the years. There's a lot that I find appealing about anime. It has gorgeous artwork, unique, fun, and interesting story lines, lovable characters... Also, there are quite a few anime shows also have depth to them, and can really evoke emotion, like Samurai X, for example.

  • I hate it. Alot. It almost triggers a gag reflex. Haha no offence.

    • Doesn't that contradict what you say tho, I mean you say no offense but new if you said anything it would be offensive, and if you didn't want to be taken offensively you wouldn't have commented. But non taken haha

    • I totally agree with you MissConfused93.

  • I've never been into anime. But my boyfriends been trying to get me to watch, um, Shakugun no shana, I believe anyways. Because he thinks that I'll really enjoy it and that it will open me up to anime. I said I would try watching it. Honestly though I haven't yet. it's in Japanese with subtitles and I think spending my time reading my show is pointless because I don't get to enjoy the actually scenery. I might as well read a book. Oh and voice overs are just terrible, Can't focus at all.

    • I'm not a huge anime fan.. But if you're open to watching anime.. You WILL get used to watching the ones in Japanese with English Subtitles.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching anime in a different language.

  • I wouldn't mind some of the stories. There have been a few (very few in my opinion) great movies such as Akira, but I personally think the so-called artwork is vile, cheap and lazy. I prefer to see much more hard work put into movies or series on the visual side.

  • Otaku are awesome! I love the typical shojo-romance-harem stuff like OHSHC (although most of the shojo I like is manga, and Vampire Knight is just Twilight for the Japanese), and some of the more rare stuff. I also like some of the classics, like FMA, Death Note, GITS, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc. And I read a s**t-ton of manga.

    I practically lived on Pokemon, DBZ, and Sailor Moon when I was little.

    Anyone who thinks anime and manga are immature clearly don't know anything about it. They're not all just typical comic books. There is a lot more complexity to some of them than with a lot of other shows. And I mean a lot.

    • FMA one piece DBZ I was really into, I did catch myself watching sailor moon a bit, but that was back when toonami was tight, and it was right before dbz it wasn't bad.

      I don't know if you saw the real action db evolution movie, but if so, don't it was horrible. since you know the true story line of dbz

  • I'm into the love stuff haha

    Princess Tutu (horrible name, great anime.)


    Lovely Complex

    I tried watching vampire knight but got bored

    My Guilty pleasure: Avatar :/

    • Lovely Complex is one of my favorites! Shojo FTW

    • Well the Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya gets romantic in it. I think you will like it =]

  • Personally I don't really care for it but I did find myself in a group of hardcore anime ppl. 3 of my best friends read a ton of manga and do the whole look it up on youtube thing. so, as for what girls think, it really varies. I hav a friend that thinks they are pointless and call them cartoons then I have my friends that will get on neone who calls them cartoons vs anime then there is me who doesn't care either way :D

  • I like it, my husband actually got me into it.

  • I'm a big manga dork! I like romantic lovey dovey stuff (Fruits Basket) and I love comedy (Zetsubou Sensei) also! I also like detective stuff like Urasawa's MONSTER. I think I like it because I get to witness various art styles and liken them to how close to humans the various characters actually are appearance-wise and personality-wise. I really don't look like I like anime when a person looks like me. Some people dress like they like it, but I don't.

  • i've heard of it but have no idea what it is.

    • Http://,,sid9_gci211567,00.html

      If you care to know

  • I admit I have a weakens for anime/manga. I love it ! LOL. I do like the lovey dovey but the action and violence tickles my fancy. I can't deal with too much drama sometime : )

  • I'm a total otaku. I used to neither love nor hate anime, but I have found many series that I love. I love the different storylines and variety you can find in anime that you may not be able to find in some western media. I used to be neither for or against it, but now I love it.

  • I don't really care for it. I bypass anything anime.. but mostly because I don't know anything about it and when I try to look at something anime my interest turns elsewhere. A couple of my nephews are big into it though - so I don't bash it at all.

  • I only like Zero no Tsukaima..I mean my friend loves it a I had to watch some with her it wasn't bad at all not that exciting either :-)

    I think it's a girl thing, in case you were wondering, we don't tend to like video games & anime and those stuff a lot " in general" though I don't see it that bad .

    • Haha cees, you like zero? lol nice, congrats, you're becoming an anime fan now, slowly but surely haha

    • Lol..yea I always watched it 'til felwa stopped giving me the episodes :-p

      not that fan, just Zero is cute xD

  • i love manga!

    all of my friends think I'm weird for liking it so much.

    im a huge fan of naruto.

    i constantly check every friday for the latest manga releases.

    • You must be half asian! :)

    • Either way, she's real cute if that's really her in the picture which I am assuming it is, not liking anime isn't a turn off. but it is a turn on if a girl likes anime =]

  • Hate it.

  • I loooooooove anime XD

    it's true that the new titles aren't as exciting as it was, but I still love them and watch them for fun <3

  • I love anime, I started off with Sailor Moon and Pok√©mon and old school Digimon after school. It's away to escape from this world in a fun way. But it just seem like that I never have enough time to watch any of the good ones... I really need to catch up.

    • Ahh 3 classics =]

    • I'd collect the sailor moon comics if they weren't so rare.

    • Yeah - I have some myself, but definitely not what any one would call a full collection - it is too bad they went out of print. Had I known I would have collected much sooner :(


    • I wasn't saying haruhi isn't for both. just saying what I think girls would like, and I know a lot of girls who like case closed..

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  • i went to an anime convention recently and most of the eople there were femae

    mostly girls that are into Yaoi (gay anime guys) and stuff like that

    anyway, its all good fun and all

    i will never understand why people hate it

    • Neither will I, but I'm sure there are things I hate that some people can't understand why I hate it. Its a matter of preference so if someone hates anime it doesn't bother me as long as they are honest about it, and don't say they like it because its something I am interested in

  • If you want a girl to like Anime, introduce her to Fruits Baskets. If she's more of a gamer kind of girl, introduce her to a more action oriented anime. She might not like anime altogether though.