Seem to be noticing the age of people getting tattoo's is getting younger?

as tattoo's have become more popular the age of the people getting them seems to be getting younger. well they were always popular among the college aged crowd i've noticed its not that uncommon to see high school aged kids with one especially say final year of high school. i know a guy from work his dauther who just finished high school and turned 19 allready has 3 tattoo's before she even goes away for college? who knows how many she'll have after that. in general you see a lot more people with tattoo's and that doesn't really surprise me but the younger ones maybe a little as i couldn't really see how at that age you could decide on one you'd want t have on body for that long , there likely to get tired of it at some point. like if they get a nose ring they can just take it out down the road

anyways i guess question be is this something you've noticed as well? is it approaite for someone that young to get a permanet tattoo they may regret sooner rather than later or is it a good idea to get one?


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  • I hate tattoos. No one should get it


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  • It has definitely become more popular among teens alright


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