what is up with people and stereo types? I mean honestly. I'm a chick that loves motorcycles, fire, guns, tattoos and the military and everyone in it. I'm not that big of a flirt, I DO wear make up, I have red, blonde, and brown hair and I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kinda chick. so why do I keep getting stereo typed as a tomb boy? I'm not. but I'm not a girly girl. what's up with this?


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  • Fuck stereo types, you sound like fun lol.


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  • labels are for soup cans. we just use them because we like to have "social group". "oh you can't hang out with him. because you don't like the same music as him". its like who give a flying f***. its just music, ya know. music is not a style. you listen to it because you like the music. and even if you dont. you learn to accept all kinds of music.


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  • Some people seem to think that you have to be either a "tomboy" or a "girly girl", but I think most of us fall somewhere in between. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl too, I don't wear makeup, I'm into a lot of things that aren't considered "girly", but also some things that most guys have no interest in. Overall, I'm feminine, not a tomboy or girly girl.