What shoes should I wear with this?

I'm going to the fireworks with my boyfriend and some of his family tonight and I'm wearing a dress like this with a slightly cropped jean jacket http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=DRESS&productid=2002247976
Is this okay for fireworks? And what shoes should I wear? Are converse okay? They're white but they're kind of beat up


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  • black shoes would fit better in my opinion... but converse wid dress? i don't think so... if u wanna wear converse then go wid jeans better

  • yes that looks lovely for a summer fireworks display

  • I think that'd look really cute with converse. But I'd probably try brown short boots or sandals. Brown looks great with jean materials and if you were to wear white shoes it would bring too much attention to your jacket, it being a different colour. Using a darker shoe colour will help bring your outfit together. Short boots allow your legs to look thinner and longer which works good with a shorter dress. Sandals allows you to see part of your feet which gives the outfit more flow


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