Do men like pale skin?

hi :) I'm 22, pretty with dark curly brown hair and very dark blue eyes. Naturally my skin is very white, I've never even been able to get a tan. I feel like its more acceptable to be tanned and I'm not emo and clothes look better with a slight I fake it.

Id like to embrace my pale skin..but would it look ugly?! should I stick to the fake bake?!



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  • I prefer pale skin or maybe even a little bit of a tan, I'm not so keen on girls with a strong tan, I especially hate fake tan. I think pale skin would accent your eyes, dark eyes with pale skin makes them noticable... getting a tan would make your eyes have less impact, and of course a lot of people are attracted specifically to eye contact...


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  • Fair/pale skin can be very very very attractive. Combined with dark hair it creates an exotic, mysterious look.

  • first of all, it is different for each guy.

    Secondly, for me personally, skin tone really depends on the person. I usually tend to like the natural look more, and hate tans that are noticeably fake. However, you might try it out, see what it's like, see what comments you get about it.

    Personally though, I would just leave it the way it is. I'm sure you look wonderful already without the tan :)

  • to be honest I like girls with a tan they don't have to be really dark or anything, but I like color.

  • girls with dark hair and pale skin = the best


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  • As someone with a pale skin I suggest you embrace it.

    A few examples of why I love my pale skin;

    I love the fact that I don't look like every other girl in the summer where everyone's so tan and I'm not ;)

    I love wearing red cause I think it looks much better on someone with a pale skin than on someone with a tan.

    Also it's less likely that I'll be getting skin cancer...those who lay under the sun for hours like a roasted beef won't be so good looking in 10 years with wrinkles and all..and I don't think you want that.

    So try to waer things that compliment your skin tone and I don't think clothes look better on those who are's all about how you carry yourself.

    Think of the celebrities that have pale skin..Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Amy you think they look ugly cause they have pale skin?or are they less famous than those that are tan?.. I think not..They embrace their skin color and so should you.

    And please do not fake tan it looks FAKE.

    Hope I helped.