Why do girls let their undies peek when they wear those short jean skirts?

I've noticed that girls that wear those short jean skirts find it hard to sit down without their undies showing sometimes unless they make a big effort not to. Usually, they're very colorful and frankly I like that, and I find a girl like that pretty cool. Is this accidental or kinda on purpose? I actually started dating a girl not that long ago that I met at a party and she was wearing one of those skirts that looked so good on her that I was determined to meet her. I didn't find this offensive that at times her undies would show some. Is this normal? Of course, now that she's my girlfriend it still happens and at time I catch guys checking her out.

I don't know how to work this site yet but the 2nd girl that answered anonymously was outstanding! I really appreciate her honest answer because even though I'm a guy, that's how I kinda felt. I think she's such a cool girl and definitely chill! Thanks!


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  • Sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes an accident. It's a price to pay to show off the legs.

    Eye contact + undie flash = go for it.


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  • First of all the girls that do that because they have no self esteem and feel that the only way someone will notice them is if they put private public. When they get these outfits one of the things they should be checking is if it fits correctly. Because there are a ton of people who don't care, the industry keeps shipping this fashion mistake to stores.

    Though it might seem sorta cute, they are not 8 year olds, still no excuse. They like that they are noticed this way. I'm sure there are attractive girls with style. They probably have a lot to say too. That would be a better friend.

  • Well, I can put this in a very simple way ; They're trashy. Considering your age, it's natural to like girls who do that, but it sends the wrong message to both sexes. Any guy that is 15-18 has s-e-x on the mind all the time. For the girl though, unless it's accidental of course, she's doing it for attention. There are other ways to get a guy to notice you besides showing your underwear to all the boys. I see that you are under 18. When you get older, I'm sure a girl doing that "thing with the skirt" will still catch your eye. On the other hand however, I am almost positive that you would never make a girl like that your wife.

  • Well, it could be on purpose sometimes if we want to tease a guy. But a lot of times with those type of short jean skirts the problem is we can't control if we give a peek because they are in fact short. It happens. But if a girl is giving a particular guy a show then she's just flirting. Yeah it seems slutty but sometimes being slutty can be fun haha


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  • cuz thier skirts are soo dam short and and frankley they can't hide it.. sometimes i bet they forget to close thier legs. ha but i like it too