Any idea where I can find flannel boxers?

Does anyone know any good brands or website where I can buy quality flannel boxers that don't look cheap and ridiculous?


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  • Story of my life. I either wear flannel boxers under my pants, or nothing at all. Seriously.

    Sorry to say but the best place to get them is Target around Christmastime. So, every year for many years now, I've been stocking up during the holidays. They go on clearance just after Christmas so that's the best time to buy.

    I have never seen good-quality flannel boxers for sale anywhere else, ever, except many years ago at the clothing chain Structure, which I think may have gone out of business. Never see them anymore. The store or the boxers.

    Also, flannel boxers are very difficult to find in the summer.

    If you find some, tell me. :) Good luck man.


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  • I only know Marks & Spencer, Gap, Old Navy, and Uniqlo have them. X)


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  • Duluth Trading Company has the best, but L. L Bean and Eddie Bauer aren't bad either.