Looks don't matter?

I see a lot of people on here who state that looks don't matter to them at all, that it's all about their personality. But I'm curious as to how true this statement is.

While, I do agree that personality is the most important thing, I wouldn't be caught dead dating someone who's beyond ugly. Maybe that makes me shallow, but I need to be attracted to someone. I mean, the guy I'm dating doesn't have to be gorgeous or even average, but just not ugly.


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  • im convinced people who say that are either lying or so ugly themselves that they can't really be picky

    its not shallow not to date someone you find ugly. if you notice mostly ugly people say that to feel better. I feel the same way, if I am not attracted to someone there is no way in hell I would date or sleep with them. I don't care how good your personality is we can just be friends. personality does matter but its not 100%


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  • This is my opinion. You're not shallow, and you should never date a person you're not physically attracted. You'll never "learn to love some;" you'll all of a sudden see their inner beauty and all of a sudden find them physically attractive. I don't look for gorgeous; I look for a good fit. A good fit will never be someone I find physically unattractive. That's life; like it or not.

  • Looks matter, you can be the greatest person in the world, but if there's no chemical attraction, then it will never work.

    Taking that into consideration, don't take that to mean you need to be a supermodel, it's all very subjective, people are attracted to different things one (wo)man's gorgeous/ugly isn't necessarily the same as everyone elses.

  • Its correct .. Looks don't matter at all.

    if sum1 iz gud from inside, you would automatically like him..

    for eg. take my dad -- he's not so smart.. but I like him d most..

    now you would say because I don't hv d option 2 hate him..

    thats wrong.. dere's loads o people who hate dere parents.. I don't..

    Looks only matter with strangers, acquitances.. and not vid people close 2 u..

    hope it helps .. gud luck .. tc..

    add me as ur friend here and on FB


  • looks are what initially attract me, it's her personality that makes me want to stay with her.

  • Ah, looks, while on a upside to dating someone, are a plus indeed, but they don't define who the person is that you're dating. I really don't think you're shallow at all, attraction is extremely important for any relationship-but still, personality over looks.

  • physical attraction is important, but that shouldn't be your only reason for dating someone. It sounds good that you think personality is important. Trust me you aren't shallow, just picky, now if you just want a guy's bod and don't care if he's some d'bag who works part time for minimum wage at A&F than ya you would be, but you sound like you know what. I guess what my opinion is is that looks get our attention, but personality keeps us interested. Just remember that okay

  • all looks are for is a attracting a mate

    looks won't give that homeless man a few extra dollars

    or comfort someone when they're miserable

    or make them feel special

    or spend time with them

    looks belong to the person. looks are not conscious, like the person is

    that being said, looks do matter when it comes to finding a partner. Looks fulfill the physical drive for sexual satisfaction.

    Consider this: in a world where looks are everything, everyone would just sleep around, the ugly people would pay for sex hedonism would rule, and no one would bother having kids or staying in a relationship

    in a world where personality is everything: no one would pay any real attention to their appearance or hygiene, people would just be carefree and ugly and happy, but nothing would get done. No one would care about their job or money or car or house, they would just be blissfully in love and not care about "getting this sh*t" together"

    just a pair of tangent-thoughts

  • Looks does matter, I'd never be attracted to someone ugly even if she has a great personality, but if you meet someone good looking, its the personality that keeps attracted to them which is more important. basically, I would rather date a cute girl with a good personality than dating a stupid supermodel.

  • your absolutely right. not hideous, but they don't have to be beautiful. I would say personality is 70%, looks are the other 30% of it.


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  • I agree with you. If you're not physically attracted to someone, you're most likely not thinking about dating them--their great personality could easily make them just a great friend.

  • Your ugly could be my beautiful.

  • ever heard that saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?

    so true... different people like different things in the opposite sex...

    what you may think is hot may be considered ugly to someone else...

    but I definitely think there has to be SOME sort of physical attraction for a relationship to work...

    so if you're not attracted...