Girls what do you look for in a guy?

hey just wondering what makes a girl think that a guy is boyfriend material


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  • it doesn't really matter on the looks or personality. we have to have some things in common and enjoy each others company. I know I like a guy when I get butterflies in my stomach when I see him or think of him. but I like guys with a nice smile and who are real and not pretend to be something there not.

    • Ok how do you do that with out being thought of as a friend for all eternity

    • U have to let the girl know you like her right away. if you stay friends with her too long before asking her out she will only see you as a friend.


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  • that's a good question, because many girls will like a guy, but wouldn't consider dating them.

    Like me, I might think a guy is cute but wouldn't date them unless they were 1. nice 2. mature 3. somewhat intelligent 4. a non-smoker, and 5. drug free. eco-friendly helps a LOT, for me anyways.

    I'm picky though haha.

  • ha honestly, if he treats me better then everyone else. & if he's funny and good looking (:

  • Well every girl likes a funny guy. It would also help to have a guy you don't have to worry about. Loyalty is a BIG thing. Everything else depends on the girl. Some like serious boyfriends, others like the more fun kind. Some girls like guys who play hard to get & others like boys who act head over heels. MOST girls don't like overly obsessed guys though.

    Hope this helps (:


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