Buzz cut or not?

What do women think about the buzz cut? Yay or Nay?

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  • unless a guy has a really attractive face, nay!

    • Lol I wouldn't know and can't judge seeing as I haven't seen even a picture of you.

      but if others like you having short hair and you like it too more then it being short is probably the best and so don't count the opinions of us on the site especially since we don't have the slightest idea of what you look like.

    • I have actually gotten my hair cut very short before, and got a lot of compliments on it. I have been told that I have a very manly face, so I don't know if that is why, or if they were just being "nice."

    • Any hair can be styled given the right products and length. and short hair puts more emphasis on the face so if the face isn't really attractive then it's best to have longer hair. [this is from a new cosmetology student, though my class hasn't gotten to hair yet, but I have enough personal experience.]

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What Girls Said 9

  • no

  • it depends on the shap e of your head mostly and then if no hair is better than ur current hair. ? it's subjective

  • If it goes with your uniform then yes. Oh and having a somewhat tan head improves the look too.

  • I like buzz cuts, but then it could really depend on the shape of your head

  • yay

  • nay

  • Depends on the guy and their personality, but usually YES.

  • it depends on the guy most of the time

    but it is good liek wen ur hooking up and to like rub the top of the head it feels good wen its spiky like that

  • NO

    • Not into bald men or men that are going bald.

    • What about a 0 all around the head? As in like a cm of hair all around.

What Guys Said 1

  • Buzz cut is always going to be in style, I used to buzz my hair all the time, you don't have to comb it and every single girl I know or dated said they really liked my hair buzzed. So I say go for it if you don't like it wait a few weeks and it will grow back out.

    • when I look around me at guys my age or younger I mostly see longer hair than a buzzcut so that again disproves your point that guys will generally always have really short half of females - and actually the older they are - have hair more on the shorter side. my hair goes to my shoulders up front and to the top of my neck in the back but, and my dad would agree, that looks the best on me versus longer hair seeing as I'm short and my hair is naturally really thick.

    • Again you said "always" which implies throughout history, but that simply is not true. and the main reason that guys in the military have to have them is so that they can easily perform their duties without their hair in their face, not because it necessarily looks better. plus that is just one "job." and AGAIN you have your opinion and I have mine but come on it's just hair! you're acting like guys have a moral duty to have their hair short and if they don't then they should be shunned.

    • Buzz cut is always in style and has always been very popular with guys, just look at guys in the army do you see them running around with shaggy hair, didn't think so. Yes men society has made it to where men have short hair and women long and that's the way it should be, don't believe me, look around you will see that most guys have short hair and most women have long hair

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