How to style long choppy layers without heat?


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  • It depends on your hair's texture, but I'm guessing your hair is more straight than curly. If you'd like a straight, peicey look (pic 1 below), you'll need a straightening/texturizing balm. You can find one in the L'Oreal, Garnier, Herbal Essences (etc) sections at Walmart or Target/Shoppers, but if you're okay with splurging a little, Sephora and Ulta have great hair products for your needs.

    If you want a beachy look (pic 2 below), I recommend a salt spray - again, any drugstore or beauty store will carry one. Apply it to damp hair and then scrunch your hair a little with your fingers to really get that cute, messy look.

    If you want to easily apply a smoothing/glossing product to damp hair and get a relaxed, everyday, slightly wavy look (pic 3), I recommend bumble and bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. It's expensive but very worth it because a) they use good ingredients and b) a little goes a long way. But you can definitely find cheaper alternatives at the drugstore. :)


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