My boyfriend always tells me he doesn't care about my looks.

So he always brings up he loves my personality. It kinda bothers me. I wonder if he even finds me attractive physically. I mean he does get "happy" around me. I just can't see how physical attraction doesn't play into that. I also don know if he's saying what he thinks I want to hear. I just question my appeal. I don know. Does this make sense? I mean. I don know. lol. I have a few pictures on my profile. and I also have a question about my attractiveness with pic links. if ya need to see. but the profile pic you can see is pretty much me. just I have curly hair mostly. Sorry this is long. lol.

Thanks. I know its a pathetic question. I would like constructive criticism if your gonna bash me.

Thanks again!


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  • Constructively...I'd say you should be happy to have a man that was happy to be around you...and trust me - if he wasn't attracted to you...he'd be outta there. So my best advice is to focus on what he does and not what he says. Men communicate their feelings by doing for you and showing you their feelings. I'd say if he's happy and fun to be around - you are WAY ahead of the game.

    Not necessarily pathetic - but have more confidence in yourself - you are a beautiful women. Now sass on over to his house and be happy!


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  • Ok I'm gonna answer this because I used to say the exact same thing to my ex. You can be attracted to someone on a physical level, but when you have feelings for someone they become attractive on a much deeper level. It wouldn't matter if she was dressed up for a party looking amazing in a great dress with perfect make up or pale with bags under her eyes, crazy hair and sick in bed, I'd still think she was gorgeous either way. I guess when you have feelings for someone the physical stuff isn't so important.

  • Hi dear I have seen your all pictures no doubt your are cute and good looking girl your boy friend is right that he found you acctractive because your are attracitive so believe on yourself..


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    I know it sounds cliche, but a hot girl is a dime a dozen. Finding someone that you click with, a good woman that treats you right and makes you happy is far more valuable. Personally I think you are a cute girl but it doesn't matter what I think. If a guy is really into you and it sounds like your man is, he sees you as beautiful no matter what. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. A lot of these hot girls out here can't even keep a man so you are doing very well if you have one who loves you from inside and out.