Why do girls want to put makeup on boys?

I always read about it on the internet and now some of my friends want to put some on me. What makes them ask these questions? Do they think I am gay or something? Well I don't think they do, so what made them want to ask me?

Oh, and do I let them or what?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's kind of fun putting makeup on people! It gets boring after we put it on girls and of course ourselves!

    So we want to try it on guys because we never seen them with make up before its funny and it's a new thing. Don't worry it gets boring after awhile but if you want advice I think tat you should say yes it will be fun for you too

    but if you want it to be kinda hard for them say tat "I'll do it. If you_______" lol not something weird though!