How has your style changed as you've gotten older? (if it has changed)

Talking about clothing style here

For me, I used to shop at urban clothing stores and mostly wear bigger sized jeans with sneakers and t-shirts, but now I wear a lot more fitted jeans and khakis with shoes and button-down shirts - it's not as formal as it sounds, but it's a lot more generic and mature than I used to dress. I'm even looking online at a bass pro shop for clothes as I type this and that's stuff I never used to wear.


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  • I've had suuuuuuuuuper extreme style changes over the years.

    In Grade 9 & 10 I dressed extremely formal. Like Victorian formal with flowing skirts, lace, corsets and that sort of thing. It literally looked like I crawled out of another century.

    Over the years I've slowly toned down, like now I dress in what has been described to me as "Indie Chic with an 80's twist".

    So like ripped skinny fits jeans, leather boots, leather jackets, lots of layering and I have a sh*t ton of scarves and belts. I usually stick to blacks, grays, wines, earth tones(tons of greens, usually sages or olives), beige(I don't like pure white) or muted darker tones.

    I still do wear a fair amount of lace but I'm a lot more casual then I once was.


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  • My style has always been pretty simple, the main difference is what I'm willing to wear. I still live in jeans and sneakers, but I actually wear skirts and dresses now.

  • When I was younger I was really scared to show any skin at all, so until I was almost 19 I covered up as much as I could. Then I was ok with wearing anything, now I am trying to get more of a professional style.

  • I dress a lot plainer now, just t-shirts and jeans.

  • middle school-

    trendy tops

    tight low rise jeans

    tennis shoes or chunky heels

    high school-

    did the grunge not so chic look lol but I tried to look nice sometimes. I guess you could say my style was not that thought out and really casual


    more feminine, thoughtful, slightly conservative, attention to detail, girlie

  • I used to wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts with my hair always in a pony tail. Now I wear nicer clothes and I wear my hair in different styles.


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  • [Middle school]

    - Highwaters + shorts

    - Plain t-shirts

    - Headgear

    - Tennis shoes



    - Baggy pants / Pajamas

    - Loose t-shirts with trippy graffiti

    - Tennis shoes


    - Anything ross carries that I like.

    - Suits / Ties for weddings ; casual clothes for daily activities ; pajamas for lounging around

    - Sandals / Tennis shoes

    Best regards,


  • well I'm 18 now and when I was pre-middle school I was a str8 up G homie

    then during middle school I went more of a prep look

    then after middle school I just went for the more button down shirts and changed it a bit