How do people with dreadlocks grow their hair so fast? Don't they have a lot of split ends?

Does anyone have any idea?


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  • Are you sure it is their hair? You can have extentions added to dread locks. As for split ends, it depends on the person and how well they take care of their locks. If you treat them with care, they won't have an extreme amount of splint ends, but that would only matter if you planned on trying to unlock them at some point. Most people end up cutting them off and starting over.

  • Black people with natural hair in dreadlocks do get split ends, yeah. It's generally not as bad for them as for when white people try to force their hair into dreadlocks, in my experience white people end up with more split ends.

  • They are gross to touch, so itchy. They get split ends just like other people if they don't take care of their hair. I have never noticed it growing quicker than other people's hair though.