How do you straighten yor hair in the summer heat?

The temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius the whole month, and we also have a lot of humidity. Today it's 37! But still I see women with perfect straightened hair. How do they do this? I usually blow dry my hair, then I put a keratin heat protection spray, then I straighten with the blow drier. The moment I start sweating my hair gets wavy again.. What magic tricks do they use?


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  • Its a pre blow dry product you need. Something with humidity resistance and memory to help you hair maintain its straightened state.

    • You mean like a cream for straightening? Do those actually work?

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    • It would start with your shampoo to be honest. At least once a week you should be using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up from all the oil your scalp produces. Then I suggest using Smooth Encounter before you blow dry. Once you have straightened your hair, I suggest following up with Smooth Seal hair spray which has anti-frizz and humidity resistance. You don't have to buy these exact products but they do work well.


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  • You don't.
    It just doesn't sound possible - or so my friends told me - those who have frizzy hair.

  • A flat iron?

    • but how you keep it straight when you start sweating?

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    • I might give it a go. But say I straighten them, how do I make them stay straight? I tried hairspray, but It doesn't hold them. My hair is baby fine

    • Maybe hairspray after. If you use it before you just fry your hair.