Best face masks for acne?

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  • I have tons of tricks and face masks up my sleeve bc i'm always concerned about my skincare.
    Ok try this:
    Turmeric powder, chickpea flower (this may be hard to get, so you can use brown rice flower too), yogurt, honey.
    Its great for acne, skin brightening, and softens your skin!
    Clay masks (Aztec clay mask is a good brand) and aspirin with a little water (leave this one over night) get rid of acne in a jiffy, but they may dry your skin, so use an oil free moisturizer if you ever decide to do this.
    To give your skin leaving refreshed and a nice glow, slice up cucumbers and just lay them on your face (you might wanna lay down and get someone to do this for you though) also, get an ice cube and just start gently rubbing the ice cube on your face until its almost melted, yes its cold, but it constricts your blood vessels and your skin will look bright and amazing.
    I have a ton of other beauty tips whether its skincare or for your hair or your teeth, etc, so feel free to message me :)


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  • Neutrogena has a good mask that I have used for years - it's a combo facemask and face wash.

    It may make your skin a little dry though, so you may want to follow up with St. Ives Apricot facial scrub, and a good moisturizer

  • I actually use natural honey on my face and it works wonders for acne. Honey is a natural antibacterial, so it actually treats the problem while also not drying out your face. It can also be used on cuts and scrapes in a pinch if you don't have any antibacterial ointment in the house :)

    • I just tried it tonight and my skin feels wonderful!! I'll definitely use honey more often (:

  • SkinID is amazing

  • use clay masks.