Girls, How much should I spend for prom?

I'm going into my junior year of high school, and I've always been one to dive into something I'm interested in. I'm the girl who had a master list of colleges I wanted to go to before starting my freshman year. You can see it would make sense for me to start looking into the "last big hurrah" of my high school career. With plenty of time, I wanted to start looking into the costs of prom.

I'm a history nerd, and my dream dress mirrors the styles of the Victorian era. It's about $180, dress only. Calculating the costs of accessories (jewelry, gloves, etc.) is starting to concern me about the overall price, considering I have yet to add in hair, nails, and makeup (I can't do my own makeup, so I would most likely get it professionally done).

My question is: how much, on average, have you ladies spent on prom? I'm asking about dress, hair, nails, makeup, shoes, accessories, the whole deal. If you could provide the total cost you paid, along with the individual cost of dress etc., that would be exceptionally helpful. I'm trying not to overspend, and want an idea of what other girls have paid.
I'm a middle class girl, so my budget isn't low but certainly isn't sky-high either. All answers are welcome. :)

I'm talking about looking into my SENIOR prom. Junior prom isn't as big a deal for me, and besides- I already have my stuff together for that one anyway ;)


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  • My dress was $215, I got it from PromGirl. Apparently the dress usually goes for $400-$500, and I would not have spent that kind of money on it! I had to get alterations on it, and I think that was about $50, but she did a really good job on it (she had to remove beading, pull it in, and put beads back on). I painted my own nails and did a french manicure, so I saved some money on that... plus I hate getting my nails done lol. Hair and makeup was done at Ulta for I think $50-$75 altogether, and both looked wonderful! I wouldn't have been able to done the hair/makeup that well myself. Believe it or not, Icing actually has nice looking jewelry and it's way inexpensive. I got a diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings for probably under $30. My shoes were on sale for $25ish (they were half off) at this place called Broadway Shoes, I don't know how many locations they have!

    I know a lot of girls who spent $400+ on their dresses, which is just a bit too pricy for me... if I spent that much I would wear my prom dress every day that I could lol.


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  • I just graduated high school, so I went through the whole 'prom ting,' haha. Anyways, my dress was actually quite chap, it came to a total of about $140. I bought a pair of black, plain heels from F21 for $26, and honestly, I only ended up wearing them for pictures, because I switched into a pair of my white converse for the actual dance because I did not want to stand around in heels for 4 hours. So, honestly, I probably could have skipped out on not buying the shoes :/

    Any who, I did get my makeup done by MAC because I really wanted a professional to do my face. The total came to $70 because I purchased some of the products she used on my face. I also got my hair done, that came to about $40.

    I got my nails done, not acrylic, just gel, and that total came to $36. All-in-all, it was pricey, but so worth it. My Prom was so much fun, and all the money that was spent for it, was worth it. I hope I helped!

  • I probably spent around $600. My dress costed $500 dollars, but I got it on sale because it was the last of its kind so it was only $300 up to $350 (can't remember the exact cost). My hair costed around $70. My shoes costed $30-$40. I got my eyebrows and makeup done for free because my hairstylist is awesome. I had to get alterations on my dress so I think that costed around $100. It might have been a little less, but it wasn't super cheap. It was not higher than $100, though. All of my accessories were things that I already had at home so I didn't have to spend any money on that. I didn't paint my nails or toenails. I hate doing that so I opted not to. But yeah, around $600 give or take a few bucks.

  • Well tbh, it's only your junior prom. I feel like you should wait your dream dress until your senior prom because that's the "last big thing" in highschool. Unless your boyfriend/date is a senior or something.

  • Well...
    I sewed my own dress from fabric we had
    Did my hair and makeup
    shoes costed me like $3 at goodwill
    so yeah cx

  • Dress: $500
    Shoes: $100
    Bag: $60
    Hair: $100
    Makeup: $40
    Nails: $60
    Waxing: $100

    Total is around $1000 once tips are factored in.

  • i got my dress, shoes and bag all for less than £100 and then did hair and makeup myself

  • I spent $12,000 for dress and heels. Did my own makeup and i have short hair so i didn't do anything to it, they always stay i place anyway. I already have a set of diamond earrings, necklace and ring but i only wore earrings and the ring

    • I was wearing kebaya. Which is indonesians traditional costume and everyone wears it to their graduation/prom. Mine was made by a pretty well know Designer who is a good friend of my sister and my kain batik was silk it cost me around idr 25 million ($2000)