Why don't guys like me?

OK I'm a senior in high school and have had only one boyfriend. it lasted for two months. no one flirts with me or wants to hangout with me, let alone talk to me period.

sometime I feel like a leper.

I mean I can't be all that bad.

how can a girl tell if she's just not attractive? do you guys look at us differently

i just want to know what's wrong with me.


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  • it could possibly be your body language...some guys can be intimidated by pretty girls or if you fold your arms a lot, look at the floor when you walk, don't smile often, stuff like that. Depends on your body language too even if you're the prettiest girl in school!

    I've only had 1 boyfriend in my life but I know it's because I'm really shy and don't talk to a lot of guys so I'm working on that. Ask some of your friends what they think too.


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  • maybe you should start approaching? or if your approaching too much then lay back and wait for them to come to you. wear something that stands out like red!

    i was a late bloomer so I didn't get a girlfriend or my first kiss until I was 17. and by late bloomer I mean I didn't go to the gym until after highschool. no matter how you look I think if you got a gym membership and worked out 5 days a week then your confidence will boost and you will feel great! plus you will notice more guys interested in you!

    when it comes down to it, appearance is key.

  • Just put yourself out there. I'm sure some one will notice. Don't put yourself down. Think positive.
    Good Luck,

    -Harvey D

  • You probly just don't try to be friendly with guys enough

  • Where are your pics?


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  • I was the same way in high school because apparently I was so quiet that everyone overlooked me. Not only that but I was "unattractive" until I hit college and then everyone from high school wanted to date me. I think I just grew into my personal style and gained some confidence and left the stupid high school drama behind and that's when they started liking me.