What do you guys think makes a girl sexy?

The spice is not in my relationship anymore...what things can I do to look sexy and make him want me again?


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  • If 'the spice' isn't in your life anymore, why does it say in your profile that your engaged?

    • The spice has left since we have been engaged/living together.

    • So, you two broke up and you're trying to attract him back?

    • Oh, I got it. OK, I once heard about a couple who had been together for years and f***ed every single day. When they decided it was time to get married the idea of such a formal demonstration of commit just was too much for them. It broke them apart. Maybe something like that is happening between you two. The impending formal commitment is something you two can't fully accept.

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  • Um.. It's hard to believe he doesn't want you because you're beautiful and sexy. Maybe get some sexy lingerie to wear around a little bit before bed. If I were him you could wear a some sweatpants and a sweater and you wouldn't have any complaints on my part.

  • Her love for her b/f. Being sexually attractive.Try buying some sexier clothes/

    Good Luck,

    - Harvey D

  • Hun, you look amazing. The guy probably has just taken you for granted. But you look amazingly sexy. You don't have to change anything about your looks.


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