How can I be more attractive to guys?

Ok so I'm the kind of girl that's extremely outgoing and has so many guy friends but not a BOYFRIEND. I'm also very self conscious and my friends tell me that guys can tell if your self conscious and that they aren't attracted to you because of it. 1. Is that true? And if so how do I change it?


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  • Yes they can tell because it's sort of a shyness and a reserve you have about yourself or when you just look plain uncomfortable. How to change? First of all, from you're picture you look hard core. Girly, but kind of a tomboyish feel to you. Ummm. Try makeup and getting to the perfect weight (I'm not saying you're overweight as I don't know you're height or weight but there's always room for improvement). Outgoing personality is always good but I don't know about "extremely outgoing", kind of seems like a friend type of girl. It's sounds like with that type of personality there's not much flirting going on. Be attractive,sensual, and funny, not too cool or friendly (that's like a guy). Basically, you're just one of the guys and you need to come out of that and find the "feminine" side of Jorgie. Try wearing skirts, dresses, and tube tops :)

    • Unless you're looking for the perfect guy, you don't have to be perfect. Imperfect guys should not expect perfection from women


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  • Within the group of guys try to spend more time on the guy you like, ALONE.


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  • That is not true because I am just like you but I have a boyfriend. Find ONE guy you like and find reasons to hang out with him. The more you hang out the quicker you will see how he feels about you. If he makes a move tell him how you feel and hopefully he will feel the same. **plus don't try too hard still play hard to get and be flirty**