How long till you should give up?

So I met this girl on Halloween & ended up hanging out with her all night. Two weeks later we went on a date that went really well & again went on a 2nd date the next weekend which went even better. it's been about a month now since then, she seemed really into me always first to kiss me, hold my hand, & even called me babe a few times. We almost had sex on the 2nd date but I thought we should wait. We have talked through text message a bit with me always being the first to text. It's been a month since I've seen her now. She knows that I like her, I've made that known & she really didn't seem to be just looking for sex based on our conversations & her body language. We both haven't been in relationships for 2 years, we both were cheated on in our last relationship. I never found anyone since my last girlfriend that made me want a girlfriend till this girl & I really wanna see her again but am confused why we haven't hung out in almost a month & she hasn't put any effort into seeing me. Should I give up? I was thinking of giving it a week or so then if still nothing I'm just gonna ask her straight up what the deal is & to give me a straight answer of what she wants. What you guy's think?


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  • This is a tuff 1, maybe you should give it like a "last stand" type deal. Call her up and tell her you wanna see her, I think its always easier face to face. Tell her what's on your mind and that you wanna be with her and let her know that its important to you and you need to know or summin along those lines. Like nobody here can give you that exact answer cause none of us really knows how she feels about you and we could tell you to drop it and you mite miss out on a great girl so give it one last shot


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  • Just ask her. She may be wanting you to set up a date or something. Some girls don't like asking for dates!


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