How do I get nice short hair when I have cow licks?

I want to be able to cut my hair short and get like a Ceasar-style haircut, but a stylist/barber/whatever you want to call them told me I can't get my hair cut short enough to do that because I have really bad cow licks. Is there any way to help this without loading my hair down with so much crap that it looks like it's made out of plastic?


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  • depends on what you use for styling products. alberto is pretty good with it's mousse and have you tried different ideas? I suggest looking in a men's hairstyle magazine (if they have one, I'm not sure but I'm sure they do at the barbar or salons) and go from there


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  • There are few things in life that I am sure about, but of this I am certain: if you cut your hair short enough, you will not have cowlicks. Period.

    Next, if it IS long enough to get cowlicks, style it when it is WET and use TIGI "Manipulator" or American Crew "Fiber."