Surface piercings?

More specifically though around the belly button like this link where the two piercings make a diamond shape.

I've been thinking about getting it done for my next birthday and I've already researched the risks of these type of piercings, how they tend to be rejected by the body and the healing period and what-not and I'm okay with that but I want other opinions on it.

So do you think they look cool or is it a stupid idea? And why do you think that way?

And in the picture just ignore the regular naval piercing, I won't have that done


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  • I had a surface piercing for about two year on the nape of my neck. I LOVED IT! It did take a while to heal fully (about 8 months), and during that time it was red and did look a little gross.

    It had a tendency to come out when I was being kinda rough trying to comb my hair out in the shower, and then I would have to have a friend help me put it back in. Occasionally, I lost the whole thing, and would have to drive down to where I got it done to get them to fix it. I would still have it in, but mine came out the night before I had a really bad week of finals in school, so I didn't have time to drive down and get them to deal with it. I'm still kind of sad about that...I really liked it.

    My boyfriend, however, hated it. He thought it was gross. My current boyfriend said he's glad he met me now, that it was out. But, piercings are for you, and no one else.

    Message me if you have any more questions about it! If you do decided to go get it done, make sure you do some research about the place you are going to, and make sure they have experience with surface pierecings.


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  • i like belly button piercings on girls but not that turned on by that one , but really do like belly button piercings on girls if they have the body for one .

  • i think something like that's fine, it's not drastic and it doesn't really look bad. I'm indifferent to it


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  • Belly buttion piercings are cool. But I don't really like the look of surface piercings.