Do guys like brown eyes too or just green and blue?

I have brown eyes, and I know they are probably the most common, but can they be special too? I mean I see all of these gorgeous girls with blue or green eyes and can't help wishing I had myself a pair of ones like that. I also have brown hair(but in the summer I get natural highlights). So also, will guys automatically classify me as boring because I'm a classic brown haired brown eyed girl? I guess what I'm saying is; is there still a chance I can be pretty too?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sweetie, try not to be so worried about this. You absolutely can be pretty, and I don't think any guy will classify you as boring because of either your eye or hair color. Bar none, I think by far the hottest woman on the planet is Cathrine -Zeta Jones. In the 90's Cindy Crawford was all the rage. They both have brown hair and eyes, Now I'm not gonna lie, I usually like any color other than brown eyes best, but what makes those 2 women I mentioned hot is their figures, their facial features, while I'm being honest here, even the size of their titties. A lot of guys like the "exotic" look which is always brown hair, eyes, and skin I. E. Asian, and Hispanic women. If a girl had brown hair and eyes it would probably be the least of my concerns, besides guys aren't as attentive to details as women are, so just chill, I'm sure there are plenty of girls at your school who find you attractive. Hell even Van Morrison wrote a song called "My Brown Eyed Girl. " I'm sure you've heard it before. Attitude and personality go far, and did I mention nice breasts never hurt? Now go out there and catch you a handsome dude!