Do guys like brown eyes too or just green and blue?

I have brown eyes, and I know they are probably the most common, but can they be special too? I mean I see all of these gorgeous girls with blue or green eyes and can't help wishing I had myself a pair of ones like that. I also have brown hair(but in the summer I get natural highlights). So also, will guys automatically classify me as boring because I'm a classic brown haired brown eyed girl? I guess what I'm saying is; is there still a chance I can be pretty too?


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  • Sweetie, try not to be so worried about this. You absolutely can be pretty, and I don't think any guy will classify you as boring because of either your eye or hair color. Bar none, I think by far the hottest woman on the planet is Cathrine -Zeta Jones. In the 90's Cindy Crawford was all the rage. They both have brown hair and eyes, Now I'm not gonna lie, I usually like any color other than brown eyes best, but what makes those 2 women I mentioned hot is their figures, their facial features, while I'm being honest here, even the size of their titties. A lot of guys like the "exotic" look which is always brown hair, eyes, and skin I. E. Asian, and Hispanic women. If a girl had brown hair and eyes it would probably be the least of my concerns, besides guys aren't as attentive to details as women are, so just chill, I'm sure there are plenty of girls at your school who find you attractive. Hell even Van Morrison wrote a song called "My Brown Eyed Girl. " I'm sure you've heard it before. Attitude and personality go far, and did I mention nice breasts never hurt? Now go out there and catch you a handsome dude!

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  • Depends on the girl some have really pretty eyes some don't but I've seen girls with brown eyes and I thought they were sexy especially if there the puppy dog kind of eyes but you can't really choose eye color unless you wear colored contacts, and even then some people look weird if they were a certain color that isn't their natural color. I personally think brown hair and brown eyes are sexy on a girl haven't you heard the song Brown eyed girl?

  • To be honest, I love all eyes. There are some girls who have just amazing eyes. But to be honest, it doesn't change whether a girl is pretty or not. There are amazingly gorgeous girls who have brown eyes! Amazing eyes are just a perk. But it has nothing to do whether a girl is attractive or not.

  • Miss

    For those who have blue, or green, they just have a parents who roll a lucky dice. That is about it. I had also met a blonde and blue eyes with nothing nice I can say about her. So don't let the color of hair, eyes, dress size and others facts letting you live a well colorful life.

    However not all guys like blonde and blue eyes. I like brunette and brown eyes. Trust me people who have dark hair, and eyes and skin age better. They don't age. Take asian for example: my mother is 50+ and people think she is in her late 30's WOW! It shock me when we go for family time. Sometime they even think she is my Girlfriend!

    So since you are blessed with brown hair and brown eyes, use what you have and make it shine. I know you can do it.

    Anyways long story short I wish you well :)

  • To some guys it does. But to people like me it don't because I like all color eyes.


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  • A guy is not going to like you or hate you because of your eye/hair color. I have green eyes and blondish light light brown hair and I have always wanted dark features. And just because your hair and eye color might be "boring" doesn't mean YOU are boring. And brown eye can be very pretty too.

  • I am sure there are lots of guys out there who like it. One of my guy friends is seriously obsessed with the dark haired/dark eyed girls, so really don't worry. I also want to point out that more than colour, the shape/features of your face/the rest of your body probably determine whether you are physically pretty.

    Moreover, I don't think that eye colour is going to change whether a guy is interested or not... my bf actually likes green eyes best, then brown. Mine normally look pretty blueish. Yet, he still finds me physically attractive. I like dark brown almost black eyes best and his are sort of light brown, but I think he's one of the most attractive and fun guys I have ever met. Seriously, people might have preferences, but different people have different ones and more importantly, they are only preferences...

  • People love different things. Some men love dark hair and eyes, some men love blonde hair blue eyes. I mean there are beautiful women of all combinations. You should be happy with what you have. Which I know at your age it will be hard to believe. Every woman wants something different than what they have. Girls with straight hair get perms, girls with curly hair buy straightening irons. Girls with blue eyes get contacts to have brown eyes and vice versa. Girls with blonde hair dye it brown, or red, girls with red hair dye it brown or blonde. I mean we are never happy with what we have. So don't be too concerned with all of these things. One day you will be happy with what you have and then the next you won't. It is just a part of being a woman!

  • I have brown eyes too and yeah it may seem like they aren't special but they are. Guys have told me I have big brown eyes that are very attractive and that it reminds them of classic midnight sexy tone and they love how the eye color goes great with my skin tone and hair. So the point being, don't worry about it, you can be pretty with brown eyes and I m sure you are... you just don't know it yet. I think if you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself you love your brown eyes... you'd eventually come to love them.. but you have to believe in it. But a guy shouldn't base his opinion on your eye color anyways... if he does.. they aren't worth it. Its really that simple.

  • From a girl's point of you. I think it depends on the structure of the person's face [ w; the brown eyes ] I have brown eyes, and peoplec compliment me on they all the time. So I think brown eyes are just as sexy as blue/green.

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