Sexy and classic looks for women?

Whats a sexy and/or sophisticated look for women? Im moving to a completely new town and im going to uni. I dont really have a certain style say to speak, but i want a style that makes me look stylish, but sexy at the same time. I dont wear anything short or low cut..

But im not sure where to even being, so any advice or examples on looks/styles?


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  • Maybe skinny jeans, boots, a button down and a sweater over it?
    If it's hotter, a button down/polo with jeans/skater skirt and ballet flats?
    That's what I usually go for, with neutral colors (dark red, dark green, navy blue, white), classic patterns and delicate accessories (pearl earrings/necklace) and people find me very classy.
    About sexy, maybe you can trade those ballet flats for high scarpins?


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