Girls, what's a reason you wouldn't wear a sexy french maids outfit?

Howard once bought Bernadette the outfit, to sex up their sex life, and also to see if she'd clean a little bit, lol, but, she wound up not doing both, since she never wore it. It's just an outfit. Why is it so bad? (Sheldon wound up weraing it, for the episode, in real life, Sheldon is gay, Jim Parson, I mean)


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  • I'd wear it to feel confident and sexy haha why not? No one's gonna see if i'm alone in the house...


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  • Because it's sexist.
    And kinda dumb.

    • Men wear it too, apparently. I mean he was forced to wear it bexause he was trying to meet someone and Howard made him do it in order to meet that person but, even men will do certain things just to get why they want, it's not just women

    • Okay... you're basing your whole question on a TV show. O. o Maybe stop doing that.
      Also - Sheldon did it because of a debt he had to pay off before something is done for him.

      If men wear it it's mostly to have sex - with other men.

  • I wouldn't like it either, I think it would make me feel older lol. I'm more up for wearing a school girl outfit :P

    • What's so good about the school girl one? I'm not complaining, just curious

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    • Seems silly, it's just a shirt and skirt, different colors

    • So it has an apron, so what? What's the big deal

  • uhhh i'd feel like a doll, i don't like feeling like a doll

  • That outfit is seen as very sexist... That oufit is indicating that women should be dressed sexy for men and not for their own pleasure it is also indicating that girls should be doing all the cleaning which is also very sexist