How much should you weigh to become a model and get signed by an agency?

I was wondering because I've always dreamed of becoming a model, i've been rejected a few times cause I wasn't skinny enough i guess... i just don't want to give up, i'm still young and attractive, i'm 16, 5'8, weigh 120lbs, i'm trying to lose twenty pounds... also i have a lot of confidence in my looks, i think that is important in becoming a model... like I'm thinking of trying out for LA models, do they want you to be super skinny? Thanks you guys...


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  • Well to be a model u don't need to just be tall and skinny or have specific measurements. You should have a nice walk and know how to pose and also be very photogenic. Don't give up at first you will face many rejections. But remember that being a model is difficult.

    • I know... thanks I'll keep trying...


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  • It's not a skinny thing... its about the measurements, and you need some sort if "unique facial feature..."
    not trying to burst your bubble lol go for it if you want though!

  • The average female model last I heard is 5'8 and 112 pounds. I weigh that and i'm 5'2...
    anyway, the fashion industry is now promoting healthier models so i'd keep trying if I were you

    • Ok i'm almost there! :D

  • I'm below 7stone and thats due to an eating disorder which i developed whilst thinking about becoming a model. don't do it. modeling is a devious industry and is in no way worth it

    • I want to be one so bad though i don't care how many times they reject me...

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    • Every one says i should be one... they're like you're so beautiful why don't you become a model, it's something i can see myself doing and will make me happy... soo... by the way i've starved myself before too but i won't ever do that again... i know it's a hard industry but i feel like i can make it...

    • i collapsed walking down the stairs at school and nearly got put into a mental health institute due to my desire to be thin to be a model. DONT DO IT

  • You have to be extremely thick-skinned to pursue a career in modelling. You face lots of rejections and you have to be prepared for your entire body to come under scrutiny. You'll discover flaws you never knew you had, because you will face a lot of backstabbing , bitches who want to bring your confidence down so you give up.

    It's everyone for themselves in the modelling world. You need more than just physical beauty to make a successful career of modelling

    • I know you also need confidence and to be able to pose and shit bla bla i can do it cause i love myself!