How do I survive?

OK so my dad kicked me out of the house because I can't get along with his new wife. I gotta look for a room to rent which I've never done before because I just turned 19. and he told me he won't pay for school. so I gotta do it myself. plus I'm paying for car insurance and my phone bill. plus all the expenses like gas, clothes, food etc. I have a job. I only get 900 buck for 2 weeks of work. so how do I survive on such a tight budget? any tips, advices? anyone who has been in this situation?


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  • just make sure you go to college no matter what. good luck and persevere!


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  • That's a crappy situation.

    There are plenty of guides online how to budge your money. link

    It won't be fun, but it's a necessary experience for you to survive in the real world.