When do you ask for a girl's number?

if you known a girl for like 2-3 weeks is that too soon? will she think your coming on to her


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  • Asking for a girl's phone number comes down to one simple action--vocalizing the words "Could I get your number?" Depending on the situation, this can be fairly easy or very hard.

    If you are in class with the girl you're interested in, you can easily get her number as a new friendship. Exchange numbers with one another just in case one of you misses a class or needs information on an assignment. Make sure to call up for some advice or help with classwork and offer to study together.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • if you do it more towards a friendly approach, she won't mind.

    don't say something like this:

    "heyyy what's your number so we can hang out soon?"

    instead say something like:

    "hey (name), what's your cell number? I'll text you some time."

    and when you do text her, don't talk about relationships. talk about real subjects.

  • but don't you want her to think you're coming on to her?


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  • i've heard that its ok to ask rate away , like as soon as you meet her , this might be necessary if its th type of situation where you might otherwise not see her again for a while if ever

    although if you see her everyday at school you say , you don't have to ask rate away and could wait for the right moment or when you and her have some alone time maybe

  • what I have done a few time is just set my phone up to where you put the name and number in there in with out saying it just hand the phone over to the girl but I was talking to them at the time at the party so its not like I just walked right up to them and it seems to work then just text them the next day or a few days later