Always just one of the guys

I always tend to be one of the guys! I wear girlie clothes, paint my nails, and love to play with my hair. But while most of my girl friends are off doing their makeup or gossiping, I'm playing football or 4 square with the boys. I love boys, they are so fun! But they always just see me as one of the guys. I do flirt, but very subtly because I'm pretty shy, especially around guys I like. How do I change from giving off the 'friends' vibe to an 'I like you' vibe?


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  • Being "just one of the guys" can really help you here. You just need to turn up the flirt and girlie appeal a little bit.

    I bet you act like friends and your "subtle" flirting is lost on most oblivious guys. Pick out the guy you want, get some focus time to talk to him, ask him questions, be interested in him, do the smile, eyes thing (follow girls advice on this one but being "feminine" works), hopefully while wearing "girlie" clothes at get him to notice that your NOT just one of the guys, if you know what I mean.

    DON'T do this with ALL the guys, or else they won't feel special; they'll think you're just an equal opportunity flirt. And don't forget how to shift gears back and forth from girlie, seriously flrty, to able to play football and laugh at their guy jokes. If you can do both, and focus your girl powers in one direction, guys LOVE girls like you.


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  • If you like one of your guy friends then go all out with your appearance at the next party. Glamorous, glamorous. He might do a double take and start seeing you in a whole new light! Like in the movies when the girl gets the makeover, you know?

  • No easy answer to that one. The guy is just going to have to realize that he feels differently for you than other girls (and certainly other guys) or you are going to have to approach him with your feelings. Don't worry about "being one of the guys" as a blanket statement. I've found that it's those girls that are the ones most guys fall for, deep down. Regardless of the fact that they'll talk about other girls in front of you...that's just surface talk. (I've rambled, I hope that helps!)

  • I was "friends" with a guy, actually we still are at that "friend" stage but I'm positive it'll become more! I always used to catch him looking at me and stuff and I was just like "What!"

    After a while I realized I liked the guy A LOT, but I couldn't stop behaving more like a girl and less like a mate! But now I have the hang of it lol! When I catch him looking now I just smile sweetly, look him in the eye for a couple of seconds, then look down, then look the opposite way but still smiling =] Sounds like a lot but it really isn't!

    Be yourself, but if you like a guy then punching them won't help cause they'll think of you as a friend. Just flirt a little!