How To Disguise Cigarette Burns ?

i had a really nice light gold strapless dress for a party and the next again day I noticed there was a cigarette burn on the front of it ? I really really really need help to fix it!

can any one help me or give me any suggestions other than to buy a new one :S?


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  • Dry cleaners?


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  • Why not see if you can find some gold paint or nail polish and cover it up that way?


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  • First of all, you need to tell us what kind of dress is it! I mean is it a gown? is it a daily summer dress or perhaps a floral dress! cause it makes a huge difference!

    Second of all, what kind of fabric is it? Is it cotton, silk, lace...etc etc!

    Because we usually use a different thing for each fabric and if you use the wrong one, the dress will be ruined!

    • Eh its formal and made from 100% poliester? thanks for your help!

    • I found this for you, hope it helps