How can I deal with his wandering eye?

Yesterday my boyfriend was angry at me. When I called him he said something like "There were so many hot girls in the street today, wow!". I'm terribly insecure about my body and he knows this. Especially 'cause I have small breasts, and bigger breasted girls really like wearing V necks here. I guess I'm envious.

Anyway, today we made up and I coyly asked him if what he told me yesterday was true or was he just saying that to make me angry. He said it was true. He said "There are many girls who are really fine, it's just a matter of looking around and you'll notice. What, you honestly don't think you're the only pretty one, huh?". And I just felt even worse and he said it's just a fact of life and blah, blah. I said it didn't make me feel special, more like crap, and he said if I don't like it he can show me the door.

How can I deal with his wandering eye, his love for big boobs (he has admitted it) and my jealousy and envy, especially when we're out together and he "notices" all these "many girls who're really fine"? Later he tried calling me hot, but I just felt like he didn't mean it, since he obviously has a wandering eye and he sees much better looking girls all the time...

Yeah, you'll think I'm petty and being just an insecure whiny bitch, but at least I would have liked it if he kept it to himself or at least lie to me. Yes, in that situation I would've preferred he lied, now I can't get his "There are really fine girls out there" thing out of my head, it keeps playing over and over and it just gives me a pang of hurt and anger inside.


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  • This guy is a douche bag, and I'm not sure why you are with him in the first place. It's obvious to me that he probably does other things that annoy you and that he has probably told you about other girls that he has looked at quite a few times.

    He is using your insecurity as an excuse for being an asshole, and you are letting him. You should show him the door. The problem isn't you at all. While you might be insecure about yourself (who isn't?) the fact remains that he is a king douche bag.


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  • You can't do anything about it. Every guy is going to notice and checkout an attractive woman. That said he shouldn't be an ass about it.

  • 1) Talk to him and tell him you disapproves. If he continues, ditch him. You deserve better. (That and as previously mentioned, he is a grade A douchebag)

    2) Revenge

    i) You point out hot guys on the street.

    ii) Make fun of his size. It gets to every man. All the time. Unless he's some egomaniac.

  • wow what a classy guy..shyguy's gotta point, the reason he's saying it is because he probably knows he can get away with it, without too much trouble from you... guys sometimes say things to make a girl seek his approval that way she's too busy trying to fit his mold, to realize his faults.. I bet you a million to 1 the reason he said it is because he felt his power in the relationship slipping so he felt he had to gain control by saying something like that to you.


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  • You need to get rid of him. He's a prick, telling you that to make you feel jealous, he's being disrespectful and doesn't care about you since you say you're already insecure. Yet he doesn't mind making you feel worse, why would you want to stay with someone who makes you feel like this? It makes no sense.