Girls, how can you have the same measurements but your body's look different?

I have always wondered this, like for example if 2 girls take there measurements and they both have 40 inch hips, but clearly one of the girls booty looks way better and bigger than the others? Why is this and why would they have the same measurement, it just makes no sense?


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  • They look different on different heights. My measurements are 35" 24" 36" whuch looks much thinner snd more willowy on my 6ft body than it would on a 5 ft girl

    • That is very true, a 5 foot 2 girl with those measurements would look very "thick"

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    • Yea your right, but still a 24" waist is what many girls would kill for! She would be think if her hips were 42" or more

    • Thick*


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  • Obviously. I don't understand what's tripping you up.
    One girl can have bigger hips and the other small hips but a larger bum - hence the same measurements.

  • genetics. no one's body looks the exact same.

  • 1. Height is an important factor.
    2. The inches might be distributed differently, i. e. one has more on the side of the hips while the other has a bigger/rounder ass.
    3. Some people don't actually know how and where to measure themselves properly.
    4. Women lie about measurements and weight.

  • Well, one could possibly be lying about their measurements. Also, the proportions of the rest of their bodies play a role in their appearance.

    • No there not lying, I took 2 of my friends measurements yesterday, and they both had 40 inch hips but one of them has a hell of an ass, and the other one doesn't